Future Heirlooms: African Canvas Memory Quilts

© 2005

African Canvas Memory Quilts™ are very special memory quilts. Each quilt is a unique, handcrafted African coin quilt. Different embellishments are added to each quilt to make it a truly one of a kind keepsake for the owner. When complete, there will be 100 quilts in the African Canvas Memory Quilt™ series, and each one will be named, signed and numbered by the quilter.

You can display your African Canvas Memory Quilt™ just as it is, (a hanging sleeve is on the back). Hopefully, the rich African fabrics will speak to you and the embellishments will inspire you. It is much more fun, however, to turn it into your personal memory quilt. Add snippets from your life to the quilt. Here are some examples to get you started: an old “go steady” ring, conference pins, service pins, pressed flowers from a special date, jewels, charms, sorority/fraternity symbols, candle wax from that special date, etc. The possibilities are endless, and each addition will only enhance the uniqueness of your work of art.

Your friends will immediately recognize some of the clues to your life on your African Canvas Memory Quilt™ – but some additions will be your special secret hidden in plain view. African Canvas Memory Quilts™ can be purchased exclusively at the Underground Railroad Quilt Code Museum http://www.plantationquilts.com/ in Atlanta, GA and on EBAY.


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