Music Girl, 64 x 75 inches. 2005, #13/100 of the African Canvas Memory Quilt series.Posted by Picasa


Music Girl


Music Girl was designed especially for my 13-year-old daughter India. India loves music more than anything. Her memory quilt had to have a musical theme. The backing is a black, gold and silver musical notes fabric on a cream background. The binding and sashing is made from black fabric with a musical note motif.

Often India wears her hair in braids because she is a girl so busy she doesn’t have time for hair! That is why braided ribbons adorn the bottom of her memory quilt.

Did I say busy? India has adorned her quilt with various school awards and memorabilia including sports ribbons, a clarinet charm, school ID’s and her very special 7th Grade Service Award.

Music Girl
is a large quilt measuring 64 x 75 inches dominating one wall of India’s study. Music Girl is #13/100 of the African Canvas Memory Quilt™ series and was finished in August, 2005.

Night Flight Part 1


Night Flight Part 1 is #12/100 of the African Canvas Memory Quilt™ series. It measures 30 x 20 inches. It has black sashing and binding. It was finished in July, 2005 and sold at the Underground Railroad Quilt Code Museum.