Delta Sisterhood Will Be Auctioned October 7


Delta Sisterhood was created with my sorors of Delta Sigma Theta in mind. It will be auctioned October 7, 2006 as part of the 75th Anniversary celebration of the Clark Atlanta University Sigma Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta sorority. Proceeds from the sale benefit the Sigma Chapter’s scholarship fund.

Delta Sisterhood is number 40/100 of the African Canvas Memory Quilt™ series, It measures 31 inches x 41 inches. The back of the quilt is red, of course, with rows and rows of tiny hearts conveying the love of the sisterhood. The binding and sashing are also red.

What would a Delta quilt be without an elephant? Not as strong. So a red elephant figures prominently on the front of the quilt. Inspirational words such as “sisterhood” as well as, beads, charms and buttons adorn the front of the quilt.

It was finished in July, 2006.


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