Tortola Spice (Part Two) Sold


Tortola Spice (Part Two) is number 62 of the African Canvas Memory quilt series. It measures 15 x 42 inches and is the companion piece to Tortola Spice (Part One). It was finished in May, 2007.
This quilt was sold in the Clara Ford Foundation Ebay Store. to a collector in New Orleans, LA.

Tortola Spice (Part One) Adds Spice to Lovett Home


Tortola Spice (Part One) was inspired by my visit to the island of Tortola during our annual spring break cruise. One of the must visit tourist spots on the island is a store that sells exotic spices.
This quilt was finished in May, 2007 and presented to Willie and Seletha Lovett for hosting the annual office retreat. It measures 30 x21 inches and is number 61 of the African Canvas Memory Quilt series. I hope it finds a special place in their lovely home.