Zulu Queen Reigns in the Nash Family


Zulu Queen was created especially for Paula Nash. In her home, there is one room devoted to all things African. When I inquired about the inspiration for the room, I was told that her husband Willie had spent some time in Africa. While there, according to Willie, he was made a Zulu warrior! Well, every warrior needs a queen, so Zulu Queen was born.
Zulu Queen measures 47 x 60 inches. It is embellished with items personal to Paula, and was presented to her July 24, 2007 at my retirement party.

One thought on “Zulu Queen Reigns in the Nash Family

  1. This is one of the most beautiful quilts that I have ever seen. I may be slightly biased. It will be forever cherished. Thank you.

    Now I must e-mail this website to all my friends and family to make them jealous.
    the Zulu Queen

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