African Christmas Tree Finds Home in Charlotte, NC


African Christmas Tree is a companion piece to African Christmas Melody. It measures 17 x 40 inches. It also has red binding and sashing in keeping with the season. However, the back of the quilt has a gold tinged Christmas tree fabric. The quilt is embellished on the front with Christmas applique patches and other Christmas motifs.

African Christmas Tree was purchased by a collector in Charlotte, NC.


African Christmas Melody


African Christmas Melody is number 57 of the African Canvas Memory Quilt series. It has red binding and sashing. It gets its name from the green and taupe musical note fabric on the back of the quilt, as well as the Christmas embellishments on the front of the quilt.

African Christmas Melody measures 16 x 39 inches. It is part of my private collection.

A Quiet Day With My Books

#56 of 100
A Quiet Day with My Books was made for the office gift exchange for Christmas, 2006. It is numbeer 56 of the African Canvas Memory Quilt series. It measures 39 x 41 inches. It has book fabric on the back. The sashing and binding are brown.

After it was won by Pam, it was personalized for her.

Major Blanche


Major Blanche #55/100 was made for a special friend. Blanche was a major in the Atlanta Police Department when she retired. The quilt has police fabric on the back, and red star sashing and binding. It measures 30 x 30 inches.
The police theme is carried out on the front of the quilt with embroiderd words sich as “protect and serve”, “courage,” and “protecting the innocent.”

Blanche is also a soror of Delta Sigma Theta. The quilt is further personalized for Blanche with symbols of the sorority.